• Buy Brake pads and use brake pads Tips

    by   2013-08-15


    The key achieving efficient braking is matching your driving style and vehicle type with the right performance brake pads formulation.

    Many factors will determine the correct pad type for your vehicles, including whether your drive country or freeway, if you drive off road or through steep terrain, or if you are towing heavy loads pr do a lot of stop start driving.

    The main cause of premature wear is high temperatures. Brake pads last up to 70,000KM, if your brake pad are wearing out prematurely, you may need heavier duty, temperature resistant brake pads.

    Some brake noise is normal, but excessive squeal, grinding or hanging means that your brakes need attention.

    If your vehicle shakes, vibrates or pulsates when the brakes were applied, then the disc brake rotors may need resurfacing. More serious problems such as a loose component or a faulty steering mechanism can also cause vibration.

    We recommend that rotors are machined if they exhibit disc thickness variation, severe scoring, warping or heat damage.


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