• Why ceramic brake pads?

    by   2013-08-15
  •  ceramic brake pad for cars ceramic brake pads for Buses/Trucks   ceramic brake pads for Buses/Trucks

    A- Ceramic brake pads contain low OR no metallic fibers, free of noise.
    In fair average quality brake pads, metallic is the main functional material, they deliver strong stopping power, however, wear rate are large and not easy to control the brake noise. LAND FORSCHER’s ceramic materials, 528 DCI for cars & 518DCI for bus/trucks, are free of metallic fibers; avoid the screaming produced by brake friction & brake discs.

    B- Steady brake friction coefficient
    Friction coefficient is the most important performance indicator. A fair quality brake pads material will be easy to be influenced by high temperature and involve into a friction coefficient to sharp fading process. In practice, stopping power will be reduced, stopping distance will unwelcome be elongated. However, another condition, they maybe holding an unseasonable high stopping power, generated brake system locked, runaway the path, brake pads burn up, or other dangers.
    LAND FORSCHER’S ceramic materials, 525DC for cars & 515DC for bus/trucks, offer a steady friction coefficient, FF grade (0.44-0.395). Guaranty the automotive a supper and steady brake performance.

    C- LAND FORSCHER ceramic materials have excellent heat stability, good wearing resistance & low thermal conductivity.
    As LAND FORSCHER’s tests, the mighty brake force will produce as much as 900 °C (even higher) high temperature in the ceramic friction surface, when stopping a high speed car. And the friction material surface will produce a perfect sintered layer, enhance friction properties and wear life.

    D- Less thermal decay & fast recovery
    Even the first generation ceramic material 611, 614, or the fourth generation ceramic material 528DCI, 518DCI, 525DC & 515DC, they all performance supper in even though the brake disc heat constantly at 650 °C. They still firmly out put the wonderful friction coefficient at around 0.45-0.55, ensuring good stops, protect a safety driving. LAND FORSCHER always making the best brake pads.

    E- Comfortable pedal feeling
    Noise level is an important factor among the comfortable tech indicators. Noise comes from the abnormal attrition between brake pads & discs. People in the cars, cannot feeling the noise when frequencies lower than 550HZ. Only when frequencies higher than 800HZ, it will be noticed by passengers. LAND FORSCHER set a higher level in noise indicators to control it lower than 550HZ. You will just enjoy your safety & ultra-quiet performance brakes.

    F- Long life-span
    Average quality brake pads’ (including some so-called “OEM brakes”) normally last around 20,000KM or less. But ceramic material 525DC for cars & 515DC for bus/trucks, will last around 50,000 to 60,000KM. Another hand, LAND FORSCHER adopt a particular antistatic component, the dust will very hard to adherence to the wheel hub, your brake system will always looks shine and fresh. It is a recessive benefits for you.

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