• Main points for brake pads replacement   2013-08-15

    1- When to replace brake pads? Most vehicles have a wear indicator; just notice and follow the alarm on the dashboard, or manually checking the brake pads lining remainder. Please change it in time, when the brake pads linings have 2-2.5mm left. Under generate condition, checking per 5000KM, by thickness, wear ratio on axle unit, and brake system response. Before installing, please make a general inspection for your brake system. Does brake kits all right in working? Any oil stains? Do components (retainers, indicators & pins) connect well?
  • Buy Brake pads and use brake pads Tips   2013-08-15

    The key achieving efficient braking is matching your driving style and vehicle type with the right performance brake pads formulation. Many factors will determine the correct pad type for your vehicles, including whether your drive country or freeway, if you drive off road or through steep terrain, or if you are towing heavy loads pr do a lot of stop start driving.
  • Why ceramic brake pads?   2013-08-15

    A- Low to no metallic fibers, free of noise B- Steady brake friction coefficient C- LAND FORSCHER ceramic materials have excellent heat stability, good wearing resistance & low thermal conductivity D- Less thermal decay & fast recovery E- Comfortable pedal feeling F- Long life-span
  • Does ceramic brake pads made up of ceramic?   2013-08-03

    There is a common mistaken concept among customers that ceramic brake pads made of ceramic. Actually, ceramic materials for brake pads are a sort of materials or a concept for formula. Their basic components can be ceramic fibers, steel-free structural materials, mineral fibers, Kevlar fibers, resin adhesive and copper fibers in small amount, its color appear be lighter than other formulations.
  • Does OEM brake pads are the best?   2013-08-03

    There are number of brake pads manufacturers. It is dazzling to make a choice. Generally, we may simply buy original/genuine (OEM)brake pads, based on a belief that it is the best quality. But we may ignore that original/genuine (OEM) brake pads, based on a belief that it is the best quality. But we may ignore that original/genuine (OEM) brake pad does not means the best brake pads.

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