LAND FORSCHER® & JOLMO LUNGMA® are warranted against all workmanship and material defects, for duration of one year following the date of original purchase. The warranty does not cover any damages caused because of miss handling, miss use and/or improper installation of the product. Warranty does not cover noise and/or normal wear and tear of the products. Warranty does not cover the products used on race cars and/or racing events.

Warranty will be in form of replacing the product with a similar new product. Warranty can be claimed through authorized distributors of LAND FORSCHER® / JOLMO LUNGMA® Brakes products in the market, where the item has been originally purchased.

The receipt of original purchase will be required by the authorized distributors to handle the warranty claims. Consumers are requested to inspect the purchased items carefully, and return any defective item immediately, for warranty claims.



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