LAND FORSCHER® Premium P.V. Brake Pads

Based on proficient knowledge & skillfully utilizing on brake friction materials, and without sacrifice in noise control, pad life or braking performance, LAND FORSCHER® team of technical engineers got their balance & compromise among wear, noise & stopping capability, for various uses & road conditions, Such as for taxi, family cars.  

LAND FORSCHER® Ceramic brake pads meet or exceed all original equipment standards for durability, stopping distance and noise.

According to durability tests, LANDFORSCHER® semi-metallic compounds extend brake life compared to most other general semi-metallic and organic materials and outlast other conventional premium pad materials.

 Ceramic brake pad packing

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LAND FORSCHER® Premium P.V. Brake Pad Advantage
LAND FORSCHER® ceramic and semi-metallic pads in noise tests resulting in less than 2% noisy stops.

LAND FORSCHER® pads deliver more stopping power throughout the operating temperature range.
- Improved ABS response
- Firmer and more responsive Pedal

LAND FORSCHER® pads contain no hazardous dust.
- 100% asbestos-free, 100% lead-free.

LAND FORSCHER®  Provide long pad & rotor life and resistance to heat.Generally 50,000 to 60,000KM servic life.

ceramic car brake pad performance


How To Choose A Brake Pad?

Usually, we are confused in picking a proper brake pad for our automotive, among dazzling assortments of brake pads. A sensible choice will not only bring you a better driving, but also protect your vehicle parts and reduce the maintenance charges. But which one will be the right one for mine? Semi-metallic pads? Or ceramic pads? Of course, for a better choise,LAND FORSCHER®engineers will give you some useful suggestions.

Semi-Metallic Pads
• High-horse power street cars
• Tow vehicles and heavy-duty hauling(passengers or cargo)
• Racing, especially circle track and road racing
• Severe-duty applications that generate high brake temperatures (hilly/mountainous terrain, city or other heavy stop/go driving, etc.)

Ceramic Pads
• Daily-driven vehicles
• Performance-oriented, street-driven vehicles
• Applications where improved pedal feel, longer rotor life, and low noise/low dust are important.

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