LAND FORSCHER® low graphite brake linings

LAND FORSCHER® offers a wide variety of linings and pads available for all applications in vehicles demanding higher braking safety such as buses, trucks and road implements.

Through the exclusive and revolutionary mixture ratio for the formulation, LAND FORSCHER® offers linings that guarantee a higher durability, a better performance and lower noise levels.

For the new target markets, LAND FORSCHER® offers kinds of  formulations in lining materials, allowing for the customers to choose the one that is the best for their needs.

To raise the customers’ reception and the products’ added value, LAND FORSCHER® offers the decent and durable packing to the products. 

 Low carbon brake lining packing

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• Exceptional dimensional and thermal stability
• High tensile strength
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Uniform coefficient of friction at high temperatures
• Excellent wear rate
Specific Gravity (SAE J380): 2.50
Gogan Hardness (SAE J379A): 16-30
Tensile Strength, PSI (ASTM D638): 6000 min

• Coefficient of Friction (SAE J661):
Normal*: 0.46
Hot*: 0.44
Wear Rate (SAE J661)(Inch3/hp-hr): 0.003max
Friction Code: FF
• Maximum Operating Limits:
Rubbing Speed**: 10000 fpm
Pressure**: 2000 psi
Drum Temperature for Constant Operation** : 650°F


Low carbon brake linings performance

*It is 100% asbestos free formulation, for application in air brake system. Main components are mineral fibers, glass fibers, aramid fibers, graphite fibers/particles, phenolic resins, ceramic fibers and very special materials to improve friction and reduce wear in high temperatures. Material color will be brown or black.


LAND FORSCHER® PREMIUM BRAKE LININGS adopt 100% Asbestos free formulations, main functional materials are aramid fibers perfect adaptation high abrasion mineral fibre or carbon fibers with top quality resin.
To fully develop the talent of LAND FORSCHER® brake linings, we recommend a well checking and servicing for its partner before fix the brake linings.  
Replacement of the brake drum is required if any of the following conditions exist:
1.The brake drum is cracked.
2.The brake surface is heat checked, grooved or worn beyond the rebore limit of 0.080 or maximum diameter.
3.The back plate is cracked.
4.The bolt holes elongated.
5.The brake drum is known to have been severely overheated.
6.The brake drum is out-of-round enough that truing would exceed rebore limit.


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