LAND FORSCHER® Heavy Duty Filters

Commercial & Heavy-Duty Air Filters
LAND FORSCHER® air filters are constructed with specially blended filter media for optimal dirt-holding capacity, filtering efficiency and maximum protection for your engine away from harmful airborne contaminants. Available in a broad range of sizes for virtually all applications, LAND FORSCHER® air filters' advanced features ensure original equipment replacement fit, function and performance.

land forscher heavy duty filters


LAND FORSCHER® Heavy Duty Filters Advance
• Improve your fuel economy with LAND FORSCHER® air filter changes every 15,000 miles
• High-efficiency filter media technology captures harmful particles that can damage your engine
• Meets or exceeds requirements for all new vehicle warranties.
•Provide on average 50% more dirt-holding capacity than standard heavy-duty air filters and the highest level of cleaning efficiency available in Luber-finer heavy-duty air filters.
Real-Time Filtration Solutions That:
• Removes 99.91% of Airbourne Contaminants
• Reduced Filter Changes
• Reduced Labor Costs
• Reduced Downtime
• Reduced Engine Damage from Over-Servicing



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