1- Will your people reply my enquiry?
Yes, we have professional people to operate the instant messages from our website & email, and giving a complete solution for your concerns within 24 hours. So anything, we can do for you, please don't hesitate to send message or email to us.

2- If we can ask some samples from your factory, does it free of charge?
Of course! When the value of sample less than USD25, samples will free of charge for you. But Anyway, the transportation cost must paid by you.

3- Will your factory give us an exclusive distributorship for your branded products?
Yes, you are welcome join in our team, Normally, we will give authorization letter, the period of validity is 1 year from your first order. And a longer validity authorization letter will be issued, after passing the first testing period.

4- What more benefits we can get from your company, except the exclusive distributorship?
- Priority of renewing the authorization letter.
- Well-rounded & well-timed forecast for price trend.
- Flexible price rebate, or promotion presents, or advertising poster making for bulk amount orders.

5- Does your brakes products asbestos free?
Yes, our brakes friction materials are 100% asbestos free.

6- Will you printing my logo or trade mark on my products & packing?
Certainly! We are rich in experience in making this, and we have made and now making this for several world famous brands.

7- What is your minimum order quantity?
- brakes 500sets/model.
- filters 100sets/model.

8- For LAND FORSCHER®/JOLMO LUNGMA® brakes, what kind of formulas you supply? which formula is better for me?
Our friction materials were tailor made for various uses & road conditions, such as for taxi, family cars, passenger cars, long-distance buses, city buses, light trucks, heavy duty trucks, loading & digging machines. To get agreatest driving & saving the maintenance costs, our engineers suggest, please make a goods choise. You are welcome to contact with us, we will share what we know, whether your concerns refer to LAND FORSCHER®/JOLMO LUNGMA® or not.


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