LAND FORSCHER® Premium C.V. Brake Pads

Advanced high-performance ceramic NAO material, with 100% asbestos free.

LAND FORSCHER® ceramic cv brake pad in both testing & real performance, resulting in less than 2% noisy stops.

LAND FORSCHER® ceramic cv brake pad offer extended service life for the pad itself & rotor.

LAND FORSCHER® ceramic compounding produce 30% less dusty & 100% free of harmful dust.

LAND FORSCHER® ceramic friction materials deliver higher stopping power, markedly shorten stopping distance.

LAND FORSCHER® offer a perfect finishing treatment technology for the pads' working face. Make the new pads well bite with rotor, ensure a minimum run-in period & smooth stop.


Premium brake pad packing

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Complex Technology Support

Brake pads for commercial vehicles, especially for heavy duty trucks, must competent enough to bearing tens of thousand lbs and continual impulse force under high speed situations.

To make each stopping efficient, safety & comfortable, and then make the pad & rotor the longest life,  LAND FORSCHER® engineers elaborately designed each manufacture crafts and meticulously made of choice materials, according to the quality standard, E MARK (ECE R90), ISO/TS16949& FMVSS 121.  

As the capacity of specific heat differ for about 10 times between friction block and steel back plate, so frinction block maybe separate from steel back plate when expand with heat and contract with cold. It is fatal defect. LAND FORSCHER® pads provided in advance in both mechanical & chymic technical supports.

Excellent manufactured carbon steel & cast iron back plate produce less normal deformation. Additionally, thorny interface design giving even firmer grasping force. At the same time, LAND FORSCHER® coated the interface with high tenacious metallic-fusion material, it is the core technology in our brake pad treament. This treament keep friction block joint together with back plate to the max.

To dealing with the unavoidable extreme high-temperature, LAND FORSCHER® adopt taming shim, precise edge chamfer & slotting. For a complex of designs, the riding comfort, stoping safety & thermostability were well guaranteed.

When you replaced new pads, you may take 10 to 15 days to wear in. During this period, braking usually not as smooth as the former one. what worse, you may not notice, that the pad was worn faster then. We cures the friction compound and makes sure it is 100% ready to perform. This process makes the coefficient of friction consistent and predictable right out of the box, it also prevents pad glazing.


How To Choose A Brake Pad?  

Usually, we are confused in picking a proper brake pad for our automotive, among dazzling assortments of brake pads. A sensible choice will not only bring you a better driving, but also protect your vehicle parts and reduce the maintenance charges. But which one will be the right one for mine? Semi-metallic pads? Or ceramic pads? Of course, for a better choise, LAND FORSCHER® engineers will give you some useful suggestions.

Semi-Metallic Pads
• High-horse power street cars
• Tow vehicles and heavy-duty hauling(passengers or cargo)
• Racing, especially circle track and road racing
• Severe-duty applications that generate high brake temperatures (hilly/mountainous terrain, city or other heavy stop/go driving, etc.)

Ceramic Pads
• Daily-driven vehicles
• Performance-oriented, street-driven vehicles
• Applications where improved pedal feel, longer rotor life, and low noise/low dust are important.

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